Site Assessment & Land Reclamation

What we can do

Baseline Keitu can develop a baseline data report for the landowner and/or company involved. The NDSU Extension Service recommends baseline data be collected for any reclamation projects.

Site Assessment  Keitu is able to assess the ecological condition of already degraded sites and diagnose restoration needs. This can be done along linear right-ofways, well pads, or any kind of area with disturbance that have struggled with restoration.

Seed Mixes Many reclamation projects rely on revegetation from seed. Keitu can help you design a custom seed mix from conducting a field site assessment

Vegetation Management Introduced species can be the hardest part in reclamation. Keitu can provide management strategies for proper restoration. These strategies include non chemical and/or chemical options to ensure the success of the reclamation.

Soil/ Water Analysis Soil and water samples can be collected and analyzed to gather a baseline before construction activities begin or can be conducted after reclamation. This will provide the absence/presence of any soil or water contaminants related to development. Water sources such as streams, stock ponds, water wells, etc. can be sampled.

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