Industrial Health & Safety

Keitu’s industrial hygienists can provide your company with information, including comprehensive safety programs, to improve your safety records, help to reduce Workers’ Compensation and insurance costs, and provide a safe and friendly workplace for employees. We offer comprehensive health and safety services to assist companies developing strategies and systems to meet their business objectives.

Under the Occupational Health and Safety Act, employers must ensure their workplace is safe. Keitu’s industrial hygiene specialists can assist employers in their efforts to recognize and eliminate hazards and achieve a high level of worker safety and health.

Companies, large and small, need to develop good working practices to prevent accidents, injuries, and work-related health issues from happening. If you define workplace safety by what personal protective equipment (PPE) is stocked for employee use, then you are not doing enough. Unsafe conditions need to be identified and modified.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Surveys – Our industrial hygiene staff are here to help your company or organization assess possible indoor air quality issues. OSHA recognizes that injuries, diseases or discomfort arising from employment have a negative impact on a business including profits, wages, as well as medical expenses and disability compensation benefits.

Noise Surveys – Sound intensity surveys for existing equipment are important to assess impact to employees and in some instances, to the surrounding community.

Safety Audits – Safety Audits are structured, methodical assessments and evaluations of how workplace activities affect safety and health. Our personnel have first-hand experience in a wide range of industries. Our comprehensive audit services will serve to assure both employers and employees that work-place hazards are identified and adequately addressed.

Safety Plan Development – Whether assistance is required in evaluating a hazard or selecting the proper personnel protective equipment, our staff of chemical engineers, industrial hygienists and environmental health specialists are ready to assist your company with providing a safe work environment. Keitu can help you amend an existing plan or develop a completely new one. When applicable, we also assist in the approval process to assure 100% compliance with standards set forth by the ND Energy Coalition for Contractor Safety (ECCS).

Health & Safety Training – Our team of instructors provide initial and reoccurring training on a wide range of topics.

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