Emergency Preparedness & Response

Emergency Management

Emergency management centers on risk assessment and preparation. Risk management plans are industry specific.

Remediation Services

Contaminated sites can pose a significant risk to any company. With constantly changing regulatory requirements and increased corporate awareness of environmental stewardship, it has become more difficult to ensure that environmentally impacted sites are being managed in a manner to adhere to these changing requirements. Keitu can mitigate that risk with a comprehensive program of assessments on through to remediation. Our spill response team and our 15′ spill trailer are always on standby to help.

Spill Prevention Control & Countermeasures (SPCC) Plans

Any facility holding more than 1320 gallons of any type of oil (mineral, plant or animal) must prepare an SPCC plan.

However the following items are exempt from the SPCC rule:

  • Completely buried storage tanks subject to all the technical requirements of the underground storage tank regulations
  • Containers with a storage capacity less than 55 gallons of oil
  • Wastewater treatment facilities
  • Permanently closed containers
  • Motive power containers (e.g., automotive or truck fuel tanks)

Our staff has prepared and/or certified plans for a wide assortment of facilities including machine fabrication, petroleum oil bulk storage plants, drum storage facilities, oil well sites, food processing plants, airport operators, power substations and drill and workover rigs. We are confident we can contribute to a cost effective solution for your facility.

EPA Facility Response Plan (FRP)

For oil handling facilities with capacities at or above 1 million gallons and located in specific locations such as environmentally sensitive areas or upstream of community drinking water intakes, a second level of preparedness is required. An FRP is required to be prepared and submitted to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for review and approval. The facility FRP must be consistent with the response plans prepared by community emergency response organizations. Annual field drills, equipment and supply pre-placement and extensive training are all required for these operators. Our staff engineers have past practical experience as field supervisors for major international oil companies, including actual “incident commander experience.” Don’t underestimate what “real-world” experience brings to the process.

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Just minutes from the state capitol and the regional offices of several federal agencies, our offices in Mandan allow us to efficiently interact with regulatory officials and efficiently provide on-site services throughout the region.

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