Environmental Engineering & Science

Keitu provides service for clients confronted with environmental challenges such as solid and hazardous waste management, air emissions, and natural resources management. If environmental problems persist in your daily decisions, we provide affordable and realistic solutions.

Our services include but are not limited to:

Wetlands Delineation & Mitigation Plans – Consistent with US Corps of Engineers standards, our trained, experienced staff assess sites and identify boundaries. When residential, commercial, or industrial development is required, we can develop and submit permit applications and cost-effective mitigation plans necessary to proceed.

Environmental Phase I Site Assessments (ESAs) – Investigate the potential for on-site contamination from existing practices or historical use and establish the compliance status of the operating business. Performed consistent with American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) E-1527-13 standard.

Phase II Site Investigations – On-site geological, geophysical, and hydro-geological testing to determine the relative extent and significance of contamination to soil and groundwater.

Endangered Species Assessments & Avian Surveys – On-site assessment for evidence of current or past use of property for nesting of one or more protected species or to identify all wildlife present.

Botany Studies – Biological evaluations are conducted to determine the presence of sensitive plant species and botanical resources and determine the potential of these resources being impacted by the proposed project.

Environmental Compliance Audits – Assess and track compliance with current local, state, and Federal environmental regulations – identify compliance issues and present recommendations.

Risk Assessments – Environmental Risk Assessment (ERA) is based on the Federal Environmental Protection Act P.A. 89-431 also known as the Brownfield Legislation. The Brownfield program was initiated to establish a “risk-based” system of remediation, assuring that land use under consideration is factored into the remediation strategy.

Transaction Screen Assessments (TSAs) – Site review suitable for situations where no prior commercial or industrial activities have occurred. Performed consistent with ASTM E-1528-06 industry standards.

Permitting and Reporting – Provide information necessary for regulatory permit applications and annual reporting, modifying pollution control equipment, remediation project development, and oversight of contracted clean-up operations.

Soil & Vapor Sampling – When problems occur, soil and vapor sampling services can aid in the process of determining the areas and extent of contamination.

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Just minutes from the state capitol and the regional offices of several federal agencies, our offices in Mandan allow us to efficiently interact with regulatory officials and efficiently provide on-site services throughout the region.

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