Spill Response and Remediation

Oil Spill Cleanup


Keitu Engineers & Consultants Inc. has a stocked 8′ x 14′ enclosed dual axle trailer dedicated to initial response for oil or brine releases in the area. We have several HAZMAT trained response personnel ready to go at a moments notice. Our response staff already have an overnight bag packed with two days of personal supplies and their personal PPEs and FR clothing so that when a call comes in we can respond immediately. In the past we have been on the road with the response trailer in as little as 20 minutes of receiving an emergency response call. The mandatory two person team is immediately dispatched to the release site while the in house staff continue to gather information about the incident and relay the pertinent information to the response team as they drive to the site.


Keitu has managed several site remediation projects involving hydrocarbons and brine with acreages ranging from less than one acre to more than 100 acres. We have experience in both “Scoop and Haul” aspects and “In-situ” efforts. As every spill or release has its own unique set of circumstances each project is evaluated for the best method solution and discussed with the client. Sometimes both methods can be used to achieve the desired outcome for the best price. Keitu has found that, at least in North Dakota, the Department of Health (NDDH) has been encouraging “In-Situ” remediation over the “Scoop and Haul” method if practicable and cost effective.

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Just minutes from the state capitol and the regional offices of several federal agencies, our offices in Mandan allow us to efficiently interact with regulatory officials and efficiently provide on-site services throughout the region.

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