Radiation Safety Management

Keitu Engineers & Consultants, Inc. has a certified Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) on staff to take care of all of your Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) and Technologically Advanced Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (TENORM) needs.

Keitu uses a Ludlum Radiation Meter with the gamma ray scintillation probe and/or a Canberra Inspector 1000 with a Lanthanum(III) bromide (LaBr3) probe for our NORM and TENORM survey’s and investigations. We can perform on-site surveys across the region as well as provide radiation safety training or develop a radiation safety program designed specifically to meet your needs. Keitu also has the capability for personal radiation exposure monitoring.

Although the concentration of NORM in most natural substances is quite low, higher concentrations may be found as a result of industrial practices. For example, calcium scale precipitated from oil recovery brine may contain the radioisotope Radium-226 at higher concentrations than the water source itself. The radium originally was found in minute amounts suspended within the oil and rock formations where the oil was found. Over time, these minute concentrations could precipitate out onto scale in pipes and vessels and in much higher concentrations. The processing of raw materials in many resource-based industries may increase the concentration of radioactive elements in those materials, to levels at which special precautions are needed for the handling, storing transporting and disposal of materials, byproducts, end-products or process equipment. When processes such as these concentrate the NORM they become TENORM.

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Just minutes from the state capitol and the regional offices of several federal agencies, our offices in Mandan allow us to efficiently interact with regulatory officials and efficiently provide on-site services throughout the region.

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