Oil Spill Prevention & Control (SPCC) Plans

Keitu Engineers & Consultants, Inc. prepares hundreds of SPCC plans every year. Contact us for a cost effective approach to meeting these requirements.

Each facility regulated by the Oil Pollution Prevention Regulation (40 CFR 112) must prepare and implemented a Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure (SPCC) plan.

40 CFR 112 applies to non-transportation related facilities that:

  • Have an aggregate storage capacity in above-ground storage of more than 1,320 gallons, or a total underground storage capacity of 42,000 gallons (Notes: (1) use of a single tank greater than 660 gallons no longer subjects the operator to these requirements as of August 2002 and (2) UST capacity regulated by a Federal or State Part 280/281 should not be included in determining underground capacity threshold); and
  • Could reasonably be expected to discharge oil in harmful quantities into navigable waters of the United States, which US courts have upheld to include any surface waters and any groundwater in contact with surface water

Keitu Engineers & Consultants, Inc. works with our clients to maximize the benefits from the December 2008 rule changes to the definition of “facility.” Acting on behalf of our clients, we can separate or aggregate containers to deploy a multi-facility SPCC plan, significantly reducing cost to maintain SPCC plans for sites including wind-powered electric generators, electrical substations and oil production fields.

Our staff can draw on over 45 years experience in the petroleum industry to assess your existing facilities, procedures, and any existing SPCC plan for compliance with the current regulations. Our staff can review your existing operation, scheduled inspections and employee training for compliance and coordinate changes to upgrade facilities or procedures.

For new facilities, or locations not currently operating with an existing SPCC plan, our engineers will work with your staff to prepare a new plan to conform to the federal standard.

Keitu aims minimize impacts to client operations and deliver practical, functional response procedures should unexpected events to occur. This complete package will demonstrate to regulatory officials your commitment to pollution prevention and spill response in the event of an on-site regulatory audit.

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