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EPA published new rules requiring owners/operators of oil well sites to develop and implement a methane and VOC leak monitoring plan. Leaks must be repaired and retested within 30 days and facilities must be resurveyed semi-annually.

It is widely accepted that use of a technology known as optical gas imaging (OGI) is the most effective method to identify fugitive emissions. Alternatively, “Method 21” may be used for leak detection using flame ionization detectors (FIDs). Keitu has equipment for both, although the optical gas imaging scans using a FLIR GF320 camera or equivalent is generally accepted as the most efficient protocol.

Keitu is a North Dakota based contractor with the equipment and staff to perform these surveys. We can provide greater efficiency by performing these inspections for multiple oil producers in the same vicinity as your operation. Our field technicians, if desired, can make the first attempt at repair while we remain at the site. Or we can work with your staff while they repair it. Our personnel also have the training and equipment to perform the gas testing / issue hot work permit using either our, or your company’s procedures. Per EPA studies, OGI leak detection is estimated to be 9 times faster than equivalent Method 21 procedures.

Keitu’s Role:

  • Leak Monitoring Plan Development
  • Field Surveys
  • Initial Attempt at Leak Repair
  • Annual Report Preparation and Submission
  • Hot Work Permit Services

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Just minutes from the state capitol and the regional offices of several federal agencies, our offices in Mandan allow us to efficiently interact with regulatory officials and efficiently provide on-site services throughout the region.

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